Allen & Heath AB1608 16/8 XLR Expander

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16 XLR Input / 8 XLR Output – 48kHz 

AB168 is a 48kHz portable remote AudioRack for use with Qu, Avantis and SQ mixers, and with the AHM-64 audio matrix processor.

Featuring 16 mic preamps with Phantom Power indicators and 8 XLR line outs, AB168 runs on Allen & Heath’s proprietary dSNAKE protocol.

Adding an AB168 to a compatible system allows some or all I/O to be positioned up to 100m from the mixer. The unit connects over a single Cat5 cable to the mixer or AR2412 AudioRack via a secure dSNAKE EtherCon port. A second EtherCon port is provided for daisy-chaining to another AB168 box or connection of a ME personal mixing system. AB168 auto updates its firmware to synchronise with the system.

The rack’s rugged design, including rubber bumpers, renders it highly roadworthy and allows it to be placed on the stage floor during performances. Weighing in at just 4.8kg and featuring a sturdy carry handle, AB168 is also designed for maximum convenience and portability. An optional rack mounting kit is also available.


  • 48kHz
  • 16 Mic Preamps
  • 8 XLR Line Outs
  • Expander port for daisy-chaining of 2 AB168 Expanders or connection ME personal mixers
  • Optional 19-inch rack mount kit available
  • Compatible with CAT5e (or higher) cables of up to 100m
  • Rubber bumpers
  • Carry handle

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