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Shure Axient Digital AD600 Spectrum Manager

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Shure Axient® Digital AD600 Digital Spectrum Manager delivers real-time, wide-band spectrum scanning and monitoring from 174 MHz to 2.0 GHz, spectrum analysis, and frequency coordination in a single rack unit. Six antenna connections deliver multiple coverage options while Dante connectivity provides advanced audio monitoring of your network. Use the USB port to export, import, or save backup scans, event logs, and other important data. The AD600 is an essential addition to your Axient Digital professional audio setup.

  • Advanced, comprehensive RF coordination for your network
  • Fast, real-time scanning to find available frequencies and monitor RF activity
  • Large, 6.6-inch color display for viewing and analyzing the RF spectrum
  • Guided RF coordination to save time and effort in challenging RF environments
  • Tools for viewing, analyzing, and listening to RF activity
  • Tuning Range: 174 MHz to 2 GHz for support of multiple frequency bands
  • (6) antenna connections to support coverage for multiple antennas and zones
  • Data capture and storage to archive RF information for analysis
  • Network enabled for large-scale system deployments
  • USB connections for external data storage of scans, event logs, and other data
  • Dante enabled for advanced audio monitoring of your network
  • Compatible with Wireless Workbench to extend control and monitoring options
  • AC and DC powered options

The Shure Axient® Digital AD600 Digital Spectrum Manager is a powerful, next-generation tool for planning and managing frequency coordination in professional audio applications. Use Guided Coordination menus to plan, RF scan, and deploy frequencies to your entire system, or dive deeper for complete control. Additional tools are available to analyze the spectrum, capture data, and perform site RF surveys. Monitor demodulated audio from your network using Dante Browse and listen over Dante features. The AD600 features a large, full-color 6.6-inch front panel screen making viewing information easy while real-time scanning and monitoring of RF activities keeps live information available when you need it most.

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